Donavan Brazier

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Donavan Brazier

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A mazza di dobermann
PB: 10.000m 41'09" (05/02/17), 21.097m 1h32'21"(19/02/17)

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ha 47.02 (ma del 2016), 3´37, 15´25 sui 5000 (high school).

When Brazier joined the Nike Oregon Project in October 2018, his coach, Pete Julian, wanted to get him stronger, trusting that his fast-twitch muscles would always be there. While higher mileage and longer, slower workout sessions are not Brazier’s favorite type of training, he learned to trust the program over time.

When he trained at Texas A&M, Brazier honed in on his speed with 25-mile weeks. Under Julian, he runs 35-mile weeks while incorporating strength workouts like fartleks.

In his last hard effort before Doha, Brazier was able to unleash his speed in a workout. The session started with one 200-meter interval in 21 seconds, followed by four minutes of recovery. After the 200 meters, he ran 2x400-meter in 50-51 seconds, followed with three minutes of recovery. The final portion of the workout was 2x100-meter sprints in 10.4-10.5 seconds.

Instead of stressing about everyday occurrences like travel delays, hectic warmups, or finding the ideal prerace meal, Brazier tries to hone in on the things that matter most. He also tries to make time for fun activities outside of running like fishing, golf, or go-cart riding with his training partners.

“I really try not to care too much about everything and just try to simplify it as much as possible,” he said. “You know, running is a very simple sport. We like to really make it very complicated, but it's honestly such a simple, easy sport. ... an-record/
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